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Group from South Florida makes trip to Washington D.C. and protests for Cuba outside White House

South Floridians travel to Washington D.C. to protest for suffering Cuban people
South Floridians travel to Washington D.C. to protest for suffering Cuban people

WASHINGTON D.C. – The fight for Cuban freedom continues to resonate across South Florida, while in Washington D.C. a so-called caravan for Cuba is taking its concerns straight to the White House.

With signs held high and Cuban flags raised, crowds gathered Saturday to call for freedom for the island nation.

Some South Floridians hit the road and made the 15-hour drive from Miami to tell the government to take action in Cuba.

“With this many people get together and chant someone has to listen,” said Amanda Velazquez, a protester from Miami. “We are trying to tell (President Joe) Biden we are here in your front door on our knees to help us to help our people.

“They are suffering through a system that completely failed them and oppressed them for 60 years.”

Added Lillian Fonseca, a protester from Hialeah: “If military won’t be able to intervene because I understand that’s not a possibility, at least if we can give them free WIFI.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio took to the senate floor Friday to support the protesters.

“In 62 years of communist tyranny on the island we have never seen what is now up to 40 cities to which people took to the streets,” Rubio said.

Many of those gathered outside the north lawn still have family living in the communist regime and hope their efforts lead to change and the fall of the dictatorship.


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Ben Kennedy is an Emmy Award-winning Washington Bureau Chief for Local 10 News. He has more than a decade of reporting experience nationwide.