NTSB releases preliminary report into fatal plane crash in Miramar

Engine ‘did not sound right’ prior to departure, witness tells NTSB

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The National Transportation Safety Board has released its preliminary report into the plane crash in Miramar last month that killed two men.

The victims were identified as flight instructor Antony Rolland Yen, 34, and student pilot Jordan Hall, 32.

While the report doesn’t confirm the exact cause of the Oct. 17 crash, it does confirm that the plane was experiencing engine issues in the days before the crash.

Student pilot Jordan Hall, 32, was among the two victims killed in a plane crash in Miramar on Oct. 17, 2022.

An employee of North Perry Airport also told Local 10 News that the victims had taken the plane on a test flight when it crashed into the backyard of a home in Miramar.

According to the NTSB report, the flight instructor and student had stopped by a hangar at the airport on the day of the crash to borrow a screwdriver.

“The witness described that they were having problems with the airplane in the days preceding the accident but did not know specifically what the problem was,” the report stated. “The witness also described that on the day of the accident the airplane’s engine ‘did not sound right’ prior to departure.”

The NTSB also confirmed that a representative of the airframe manufacturer reported that the instructor had contacted him several days before the crash and reported that he was having an issue with the engine control unit, which had resulted in a loss power during a flight.

“He said that the instructor told him that shortly after the power loss, the engine power returned and he landed safely,” the report stated. “He said that they contacted the engine manufacturer to report the event and attempted troubleshooting the issue. The airframe manufacturer also said that on the day of the accident he thought that the flight instructor and student pilot were still troubleshooting the engine problem.”

According to the report, the engine was not damaged during the crash, although it was shifted due to the impact.

The NTSB’s investigation into the crash remains ongoing.


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