Pit bull ‘Benny’ is longest resident at South Florida shelter

Animal shelter: Benny needs ‘Alpha person’ with discipline

BOCA RATON, Fla. – An animal shelter, designed as a transitional home mostly for dogs or cats, has been caring for “Benny The Burrito,” also known as “Big Boy Benito,” for nearly three years.

The 75-pound, 4-year-old American pit bull from Puerto Rico is officially the resident with the longest stay at the Tri-County Animal Rescue shelter in Boca Raton.

“No one really knows why,” said Coral Vitiaci, who works at the shelter as the supervisor of the puppy room.

Vitiaci described Benny as sweet and as a “couch potato” in need of “an Alpha person” who can train him and give him Xanax and comfort him during thunderstorms.

“He likes to play with you, other than toys -- like he would rather have you than any toy any day,” Vitiaci said.

Deborah Snyder, the manager of the shelter, said Benny needs a strong leader and someone who doesn’t live with other dogs, cats or small children.

“Somebody that’s going to be strong with discipline because he will push your limits to see how far he can get,” Snyder said.

The shelter’s adoption fee is about $50 and the shelter will provide one year of medical care and food. For more information, visit this page.

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