Explaining Florida Amendment 6: Tax discount for spouses of certain deceased veterans

Local 10′s “Amendments 101” series breaks down each Florida constitutional ballot question on the 2020 ballot, to help you make an informed decision.

This is the last of six on this year’s ballot, and its full name is: Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans Who Had Permanent, Combat-Related Disabilities.

This and all constitutional amendments need a supermajority 60% support to pass.

Amendment 6: Click here for the full text.

Amendment 6 is the second of two ballot questions that have to do with property taxes. And this one helps the surviving spouses of disabled veterans.

Here’s how:

Veterans with combat-related disabilities already get an extra homestead property tax discount. Florida voters decided that a few years ago.

Amendment 6 would allow that tax break to pass along to those veterans' spouses after the veterans' passing, as long as that spouse is still the homeowner and still lives in the home.

As with every tax break, there is a cost, and this one is estimated to be a $5 million per year hit to the local governments and schools funded by those property taxes.

A “Yes” vote = If you think it’s worth the costs to continue the tax breaks for the surviving spouses of disabled veterans.

A “No” vote = If you believe that specific property tax discount should end with a veteran’s passing.

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