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Dolphins safety Adrian Colbert riding his Peloton for a great cause

Dolphins safety Adrian Colbert riding his Peloton bike to help raise money for frontline workers
Dolphins safety Adrian Colbert riding his Peloton bike to help raise money for frontline workers

DAVIE, Fla. – He is the Peloton Don!

And Dolphins safety Adrian Colbert takes pride in that nickname.

It was given to him by a good friend because of Colbert’s love for Peloton rides, and now he’s using that passion for a good cause.

Colbert is teaming up with some NFL players to form ‘Miles for Hospital Heroes.’

The players are donating one dollar for every mile they ride this week. They’re asking others to donate whatever they can, and the money raised will go to the Jackson Health foundation to help frontline workers.

“These ladies and gentlemen are putting their lives on the line every day, so anything I can do to give back to these people I will do," Colbert explained. "Especially if it means just sitting on a bike riding. I already do it every day."

Dolphins safety Adrian Colbert has a passion for riding his Peloton bike. (WPLG)

He says it’s been his passion to give back since his days at the University of Miami where he was taught about community. It also helps that riding his Peloton during a stay at home quarantine has become such a big part of his life. He recently had his 100th ride and it was filled with a celebration.

“They actually posted me on their Instagram page,” Colbert says about Peloton. He thanks former 49ers teammate Richard Sherman for advising him to incorporate riding into his training routine. He says, “I just wanted to try something out, and I fell love with it.”

If you’d like to help out, click here to donate.

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