Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Shares Optimistic Outlook for Recovery

[MIAMI] – As the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to impact global tourism, top Caribbean private sector tourism leaders are asserting that tourism is the region’s best hope for recovery and renewal and that the successful revival of the sector relies on its ability to enhance its strengths while simultaneously reshaping itself to adapt to a changing global environment. During recent presentations to travel and tourism stakeholders, Pablo Jose Torres Sojo, the recently appointed president of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), and Frank Comito, CEO and Director General of CHTA, expressed the association’s confidence that tourism will once again display its resilience and help lead the region to recovery. The visitor industry, the region’s most important economic driver, he added, boosts small business revenues and drives large infrastructural and human resources development. Participating in the recent Association of Caribbean States (ACS) Business Forum of the Greater Caribbean, Comito addressed the imperative of health and safety in a COVID-19 environment, adding that communicating priorities quickly and clearly to markets and to the region’s tourism stakeholders was key to a dynamic and sustainable recovery. While tourism presents the Caribbean’s greatest opportunity to recover and renew, Comito pointed to opportunities for diversification not away from – but within – the sector, particularly by strengthening economic linkages to tourism to guide the region’s re-shaping.