Miami-Dade voters see varying lines but no issues as early voting begins

MIAMI – In what could be a record turnout for early voting, 33 advance polling sites opened in Miami-Dade County on Monday with no reported problems.

Lines across the county have varied from no wait to about 45 minutes, depending on the location, and people Local 10 News has spoken to say the process has been smooth and that they have felt safe while voting.

“I just feel better being here in person,” said Melissa Peerless. “You can see your ballot go in.”


Voters started lining up at some locations before dawn.

“I’m usually up this time of day, so I decided to come do it,” said Fred Williams.

While the lines vary from place to place, the mood has seemed good overall.

“This is a proud thing to do. It’s part of our right, and I think our duty as American citizens,” said Salvatore Solano.

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