Uber Eats driver talks about why he recorded Wendy’s employee coughing on food

MIRAMAR, Fla. – A man who is working as an Uber Eats driver said Friday that he decided to record the way a Wendy’s employee was coughing on her customers’ food in Miramar because he has a conscience.

The man, who asked not to be identified, said the risks of the coronavirus pandemic forced him to show Natasha Senat the video. The Wendy’s manager coughed over Senat’s order.

“I am a decent person, so I would say any decent person who sees somebody do something like that ... should come forward,” he said.

The man, who is not expressing the opinion of Uber Eats, said he has learned a lot about fast food while delivering food in South Florida. He said he has decided that as long as he has choices, he will not be eating at a fast-food restaurant.

Meanwhile, Senat has not received her money back, nor has anyone apologized to her for putting her health at risk. She said she doesn’t want anyone to lose her job; she just wants the employees to get proper training.


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