Sewage problem: North Miami workers blame pipe blockages

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – The raw sewage spill problem in a North Miami neighborhood is so persistent that a few hours after city officials said the repairs were made on Thursday, residents reported there was a manhole bubbling up again.

On Friday, city workers returned with vacuum trucks and camera equipment to make an assessment. They determined rags and other items were causing blockages in the pipes.

It’s unclear if this was what caused the spewing raw sewage at the Prestige Pointe apartments, at 1525 NE 125th St., in September. The issue was fixed in that area, but it’s now coming up again in another.

City officials promise to fix a recurrent raw sewage spills problem in an area of North Miami.

For months, many of them have had to step on toilet paper and wastewater to get to their cars. One resident said there was water coming up in her tub and she feared it would flood her apartment.

Some of them are worried about it polluting Biscayne Bay or making people sick if the city doesn’t find a way to fix the problem quickly.

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North Miami officials promised city workers are going to put an end to months and months of sewage spills in North Miami.

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