Hialeah pro-life clinic targeted by vandals claiming responsibility for similar crimes

Hialeah Police, FBI and Homeland Security investigating

As the abortion battle tops national headlines, a South Florida pro-life clinic was been hit by vandals.

HIALEAH, Fla. – As the abortion battle tops national headlines, a South Florida pro-life clinic was been hit by vandals.

A couple was seen roaming the clinic’s property before spray painting hateful messages.

It’s the kind of vandalism that has the attention of the highest levels of law enforcement.

“The FBI was involved, Homeland Security was involved,” said Martha Aliva, owner of Heartbeat of Miami. “They contacted us.”

Aliva, the owner of the 15-year-old clinic, says what happened is a first.

She recounted to Local 10 News how the phone threats first came in when the Supreme Court opinion that forecast the end of Roe v. Wade, and federal protections for abortion rights and choice, was first leaked.

“We saw all the graffiti and it was heartbreaking for us,” Aliva said. “I am trusting nothing bigger happens.”

The man and woman spray painted over security cameras before painting an apparent threat and the calling card “Jane’s Revenge” with an anarchist’s logo.

Hialeah pro-life clinic vandals (WPLG)

It’s at least the second attack of its kind in South Florida.

Last month, Respect Life Ministry, a pro-life clinic in Hollywood, was vandalized and marked with “Jane’s Revenge.”

“My first reaction is, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s so sad, how can they do this,’” said Angela Curatalo with Respect Life Ministry.

Jane’s Revenge is a loosely knit extremist collective that apparently organized in response to the Supreme Court’s decision. It has taken responsibility for such crimes nationwide, including violence.

“We can’t live in fear,” Aliva said. “We can’t.”

Over the long weekend, volunteers put a fresh coat of paint on the building, and Heartbeat of Miami received an infusion of support as the news spread they were targeted.

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