NFL training camp dates, protocols set

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DAVIE, Fla. – The NFL has released its modified schedule for training camp and, while veteran players will report on July 28th as scheduled, they will have to wait awhile to take part in on-field work.

Players will only get tested for COVID-19 upon reporting to camp and for the three days after that (July 28-31st). They will also attend virtual meetings during this period.

Starting on August 1st, players will take physicals and receive equipment. Then, on August 3rd, players will begin an “acclimation period” which can include on-field work and weight training. This period will last until August 11th.

On August 12th, players will begin a “gradual ramp up period” which can include a maximum of 3.5 hours on the field, though the first session can be only 90 minutes before gradually increasing the time on the field.

August 17th will be the first day of the “contact integration period” which allows for padded practices. This period will last until September 6th, with teams beginning their first game week prep on September 7th. 

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