Florida man’s $5 lottery ticket reveals $2,500 a week for life

This ticket showed a $2,500 a week for life top prize for a lucky Florida man. (Photo courtesy of Florida Lottery)

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – A Brevard County man hit for one Florida Lottery’s four top prizes on the $2,500 A Week For Life scratch-off ticket.

Mikell Hewell, 61, of Cocoa, decided to take his winnings in a lump sum worth $2.33 million, lottery officials said.

The $5 game offers nearly $121 million in total cash prizes, including the big one Hewell hit.

He bought his ticket at Sunshine Food Mart 122 (700 Columbia Boulevard in Titusville), which gets a $4,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky scratcher.

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