Florida Lottery scholarship recipient now wins $5 million scratch-off prize

This scratch-off ticket delivered a $5 million prize to a Hollywood woman who had already received a scholarship from the Florida Lottery to attend college. (Photo courtesy of Florida Lottery)

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – For Reshena Clark, it’s like she won the lottery again.

Clark, 29, of Hollywood, said she was able to attend college because of a Bright Futures Scholarship funded by Florida Lottery. And now she’s a big lottery winner, having claimed a $5 million prize on a scratch-off.

“I feel like I’ve won the Florida Lottery twice now,” Clark told state lottery officials. “The Lottery-funded Bright Futures Scholarship is the reason I was able to attend college in the first place. Now that I’ve won as a player, I feel like everything has come full circle.”

Clark revealed the top prize playing the $5,000,000 Luck scratch-off, which costs $20. She took her winnings in a lump sum worth $3.815 million.

Lottery officials say she bought the lucky ticket at a Circle K at 1515 North Main Street in Gainesville. The seller receives $10,000 in bonus commission.

Florida Lottery says that scratch-off games make up about 75% of their ticket sales and drove over $1.3 billion for the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund in the last fiscal year.


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