Another Broward Publix sells million-dollar scratch-off

The $20 Gold Rush Limited game has been lucky for Broward County lottery players. (Photo courtesy of Florida Lottery)

PLANTATION, Fla. – Maybe luck is in the air this holiday season.

A Lauderhill man would agree after revealing a $1 million prize on a $20 scratch-off ticket bought at a local Publix.

Denva Hudson, 60, played the Gold Rush Limited game at the Publix located at 1181 South University Drive in Plantation, Florida Lottery said.

Hudson took his winnings in a one-time lump sum of $795,000.

The store that sold the ticket gets a $2,000 bonus commission.

Hudson’s score comes as state lottery officials also announced that a $5 million ticket was sold at a Publix in Weston. That scratcher was from the same $20 Gold Rush Limited game.

Gold Rush Limited launched in September, offering the chance at 32 top prizes worth $5 million and 100 prizes of $1 million, Florida Lottery says.


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